UPDATE from his adoptive family:

Well it’s been about 5 weeks since we were so fortunate to have Tucker formerly known as Barney come into our lives. As you know, he simply is an amazing dog, but you would not believe the dog he has come out of his shell to be! He was terrified of being in vehicles, and now he can’t even wait for us to open the vehicle door. He just leaps right in! When we brought him home, it took us an hour or so to coax him into his new home. Now it’s natural.

 He knows sit, stay,shake a paw, back up, and come. He also knows without telling him to stop at road crossings, and he looks both ways!
 We definitely think that he now knows that we are his humans. He shows us his smile daily, especially when we come home.
 We will drop by someday so that you can all see how his hair has grown in, and how healthy he looks now.



5 year old male mixed breed dog

Barney was surrendered at a recent spay and neuter clinic. He is a very friendly guy, and he has a great smile! Barney gets along well with other dogs, and he absolutely loves people! He is also learning to walk on leash, which is going really well.

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