Name: Callie

Age: Approximately 5 years old

Occupation:  Professional Cuddler

Interests: Treats, belly rubs, wrestling

I had a sad start in life.  I’d rather not think about the time before I was rescued, starving and partially blind, from a bad place in China.  Then I had a long journey all the way to Canada so I could have a better chance at a new life.  Now I know what it’s like to be loved, warm and fed.   I have fun toys to play with, yummy things to chew on and comfy beds aplenty.   My foster family lets me sit on their laps whenever I want (and I ALWAYS want to sit in their laps!).  I get to go on lots of car rides where I watch out the window.  I get to go for walks where I can explore around and climb hills and jump on obstacles.    I’m actually pretty active for a middle aged Frenchie and need to have a fair bit of both physical exercise and mental stimulation or I get bored and can become a bit unruly.

I have a condition called dry-eye.   That means my eyes don’t produce enough tears, so I need to have drops and ointment put in them a few times a day for the rest of my life.   Because this was left untreated for so long before I was rescued, damage has already been done to my eyes and I only have about half of my sight.   The vision loss doesn’t affect me much as I don’t walk around bumping into things.   But sometimes I don’t see very well in dim or really bright lighting.

I am a true lover of hoomans.  I want to be by your side 24 hours a day and get very sad when I’m left alone.   Maybe once I settle in and learn that you’ll always come back to me, I’ll be able to stay by myself a bit sometimes.    But for now, I become anxious when you’re out of sight, so I want to keep my eye on you at all times.     I will happily accompany you to the washroom, help you make dinner, supervise all of your chores, watch TV beside you on the couch and snuggle up next to you in bed every night.   My foster mom says that I’m just a funny goofball who’s bursting with a ton of character.   She also always tells me that I’m the sweetest, most loving pupper with possibly the most smooshable face on earth.   She’s always kissing and hugging me, but I don’t mind it one bit!

My foster home has these furry toys called cats that I endlessly want to chase and pounce on.   Then I get scratched and things can get ugly –  so it’s probably best for me to not be around cats.   I am also selective with my doggie friends and can be a bit of a bully to others.   I don’t like it when dogs get excited around me, so I try to tell them to knock it off and sometimes it starts a fight.   I also don’t like it when they are near my food or toys and I get jealous sometimes when they come around my people too.   Because of all this, I’m not a very good candidate for public off leash dog parks or doggie daycares either.     While I’m gentle and would never harm a hooman on purpose, some of my behaviors mean that I could accidentally hurt a little person, so it’s safest that I not share my home with them either.   All in all, I am happiest when I can just have all the attention for myself.

If you’d like to have me as your one & only, please fill out an application so we can meet up!

Callie is a French Bulldog from our partnership with Saving Harbin Dogs, please view that page for more information about adoption and fees. She is located in Calgary. Adoption fee $1950, please see the Saving Harbin Dog’s page for a break down of adoption costs.

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