From the foster:

Bravest and bestest girl of the day!
Best home office coworker ✔️
Introduction to nosy cats ✔️
Integrated with resident dogs ✔️
Recall while off leash in the yard ✔️
Heels wonderfully on leash ✔️
Mastering housebreaking ✔️
What an incredible turnaround from the rather terrified little lady I brought home on Saturday!
Chica was the most shy dog in the group and since her arrival has made leaps and bounds. She needs someone who will be patient with her as she learns to trust and go slow with her to continue her transformation. Chica needs the support of another stable dog in the household to keep her company and help with her anxiety when left alone.

Hola!  My name is Chica and I’ve been on such an incredible journey that I think they should make a movie about me.     I was rescued from the dog meat trade in China and sent all the way here to Canada to start my new life.   I’m still a little shell-shocked by my past and all the recent changes, but my foster mom says that I’ve made amazing progress so far.   In the course of just a few days I went from hiding from my foster family to giving them kisses and wagging my tail when I see them!   I’m also told that I’m super smart as I started to pick up house-training in no time and I’m the best home office co-worker anyone could ever hope for because I’m so quiet and polite.   Now I just need to find my special someone who will love me forever!

I am very shy with new places, people and things so my adopter will need to be patient and take things slowly.   I’m still getting used to the feeling of people petting me, so I hope my new person isn’t too touchy-feely  –  or the type to want to carry me around as I really prefer to keep my feet on the ground.  I find it overwhelming to be in the midst of a lot of noise, so I am looking for a calm home.   While I don’t have a mean bone in my body, kids scare me because they tend to be loud & make unpredictable movements, so I need to be in a kid-free zone.   I’ve recently been introduced to these creatures called cats and I’m not too sure what to think about them yet.  For now I’ve decided that I’ll leave them alone as long they stay out of my bubble.  I have always had the companionship of other dogs around me and rely on them for guidance and comfort.  I become really anxious if I find myself all alone, so I will need to have a doggie friend in my new house – but it also takes me some time to trust strange dogs because I’m scared that they will try to hurt me.

I guess my needs are really pretty simple.  I need a quiet, patient person with a calm, gentle dog.  And in return I promise I will be the sweetest, loyalist girl you ever did see!  I will pay you back a hundred times over with tiny doggie kisses, following you everywhere you go and dancing in sheer joy every time you come home to me.

I hope you’ve already fallen in love with my adorable photos and my sad story and are going to fill out an application to make me all yours!

XOXO ~ Chica

Chica is about 2 years old and looks like a Chihuahua/Mix. Chica is a dog from our partnership with Saving Harbin Dogs, please view that page for more information about adoption and fees. She is located in Calgary
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