Clifford came to us from extremely rural Manitoba. He was found sleeping in a reusable cooler bag under a deck and hanging around a house for several days with no sign of his mom or litter in sight. He has been treated for mange, and fattened up since coming with us. Clfford is neutered, vaccinated, dewormed, microchipped and ready for adoption fee. Hs fee is $595

Socialization Sweet and social
How does this animal behave around men? Loves men
How does this animal behave around women? Loves women
How does this animal behave around children under 10 years old? Loves kids
How does this animal behave around strange animals? Can’t socialize yet but goes to fence & friendly
DOGS: How does this dog behave around other dogs and high value food, treats or toys? Check all that apply: Not done yet
How does this animal behave around cats? Not tested around cats, no cats here to test with
Leash/Collar training? Already wearing a collar and used to it
Housebreaking training? Crate trained
Partially housebroken, but doesn’t know how to tell you when needs to go outside
Fences? Needs a fence 6 feet high
Car rides? Loves the car, rides great. Sits in back seat
Sleeps during car rides
Nail trimming? We haven’t tried to trim nails yet
Profile Information He loves to be around people. He wags his tail at everyone. He loves to be on the couch beside you. His puppy eyes will melt you when he wants something. He had a spunky personality. He is very smart.

He loves to play tug-a-war, chase a ball, squeaky toys, chew bones, ropes & shoes at times so watch out!

He is starting to hang out in yard by himself & loves to suntan. He is almost fully potty trained. He just started to go to door & stand when he needs to go out. When in house he goes to pee pads when needed. He is very treat motivated & learns quickly.

He sleeps for 5-6 hours at night in his kennel beside the bed. During day he is good for about 3-4 hours in kennel due to his age. He settled quickly in his cage.

He has walked on leash in only the yard so he will need some training with walking. He loves to help you walk him by carrying his leash in his mouth.

Hope Clifford has caught your attention? He would be a wonderful addition to your family. You will not be disappointed.

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