Hi! I am a 2-year-old miniature Poodle who is 10-pounds of fabulousness!  I am grateful to my family for surrendering me to Rescue Friends. I was on anti-anxiety meds because of serious anxiety due to my circumstance and tendency to worry.  

Over the last 6 months (under the supervision of a behavioural vet) we figured out how to manage my anxiety and get me off meds.

Here is what I need so I continue to be happy and healthy.

People love that I’m cute and fluffy, but there is more to me than my good looks.  I will need an experienced and knowledgeable home that is able and willing to continue working with me on my anxiety and consult with my vet behaviourist.

I am a “high drive” dog. This means I am wired like a working dog (think Malinois or Border Collie but in a cute little sheep costume) who is extremely focused and intelligent.

I require exercise, play, and mental stimulation.  As a little guy with big feelings and energy, I become anxious if I’m bored or left alone too much. I need about 1.5 hours/day of exercise (play time, ball play, mind puzzles, walking – but not all at once of course!). Then I can RELAX.

Love, snuggles and patience please! I am a super cuddler once I know you. I MUST go out to pee after anything fun, active, or stimulating. Seriously.  A busy and chaotic schedule are a definite no.

My vet says no little children in my family because I get upset if people grab me or play roughly, even if I know them well.  Little visitors who are supervised and will throw my ball are welcome!

I need someone who will consistently apply the strategies and routines that we know work. My person should be familiar with doggy body language.

While my foster mom has come up with “games” so she can maintain my coat (wash/brush/clip), I will definitely need a groomer who understands and works with anxious dogs.

Big ask? Nope. I have worked so hard, I have a second chance, and I’m proud of myself and I am seriously worth it!

Now read on and see what my foster family loves about me!  

I’m uber clever and HILARIOUS – my foster mom has videos to show off my zany brain and the many strategies she has developed to help me thrive and have fun!  “Have Ball, Will Travel” is my motto!

I am great in the car, and super on leash. I love water! I’m no wimp – I’ll go on adventures once I trust you – like hiking and camping.

I am BALL CRAZY!! Remember high drive? My FOCUS IS MY BALL!  I will even drop the ball at your feet…I do most of the work!  I would make a great agility dog (if they let me have my ball), or even the next Flyball champion!

I can be home alone uncrated for a few hours, I sleep through the night, and I wake up happy.  I warm up to furry friends but could happily be the centre of your universe or could do well with a low-key or well socialized and stable dog. I still have reactions sometimes to dogs when I’m walking – but this is getting much better.

I am a “chaser” – leaves, squirrels, birds….and while I am MUCH better now it will be important to ensure you have a great connection with me before you take me off-leash.

I mostly ignore cats but will sometimes chase.  So to “keep the ball rolling”, I will need consistency, guidance, lots of fun, and love.  I really look forward to meeting you!  And don’t worry, I’ll have my ball ready….   


XO Gordy  


My adoption fee is $495.

Gordy requires an experienced and knowledgeable home that is able and willing to continue to work with Gordy and his anxiety. It has been a long haul and a lot of work to get him to where he is and continue on this journey. He is a very high-drive dog, entirely unexpected for his small and curly frame. (Think Malinois in sheep’s clothing). We are looking for the right fit and a home that will continue to work with the vet behaviorist as required to ensure his success.

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