Izzy’s life started in Saskatchewan where she lived a brief time with a lady, who soon after getting her decided a dog wasn’t for her. Izzy then moved to a kind couple from Calgary where she has been living for the past 10 years.

Izzy’s new mom passed away a year ago and Izzy’s life has been full of inconsistency and confusion since. This poor little dog and her “dad” mourned the loss of her “mom”. As her dad struggled with the loss of his beloved wife, he spent less and less time at home with Izzy who was very lonely.

Then Izzy’s “dad” also passed unexpectedly and so she was brought into our care. Izzy was so sad and heartbroken but we knew that her new life was just beginning. Unfortunately, Izzy had a long list of medical issues requiring attention.

Our little girl is settling into her new foster home and feeling less lonely but she needed to be brought up to date with vaccines and deworming. She had lumps on both eyes (one was horribly infected) and on her shoulder which needed removal.

Izzy was never spayed. We have a strict “spay/neuter policy” so this also needed to be done. Unspayed females are susceptible to mammary tumors… and Izzy had also developed one. Luckily, her tumor came back benign.

Poor little Izzy has been through so much, and so many vet appointments already. Of course, not all of her issues could be addressed at once and she has been in care for months.

Today, Izzy had her dental, 15 teeth had to be removed to make her healthy and comfortable again. Soft food, medications, and more antibiotics, but once this heals, she will feel like a whole new dog again!

One more step before Izzy will FINALLY be ready to start her new journey with a loving family… we need to do some heart testing to determine the severity of her heart murmur. Update: She has an abnormal valve which is likely congenital, but is not in heart failure or require medication for this.

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