Name: Jethro                                            Gender: M
Breed: Springer Spaniel type                Size: Small (about 29 lbs)
Age: 1 1/2 years                                        Location: Calgary

Note: Jethro was rescued in partnership with Saving Harbin Dogs.
Please view that page for more information about adoption and fees.

Jethro’s back story:  While we do not know the specific story behind Jethro being saved from the meat trade, we do know that he was rescued from a life full of suffering and sadness.  If he had not been rescued, his life would have ended very badly.  Second chance has a whole new meaning for a dog rescued from a life of abject loneliness, cruel treatment, and certain painful death. When you look in his eyes you will see an overwhelming desire to be safe, to be loved.  Jethro is now in the midst of a transformation.  As he gains confidence and his true personality comes out, he becomes more of his real self every day.

Jethro now:  Jethro is a fun, playful and energetic little guy that will also lay quietly at your feet while you work. He is smart and has learned his house manners very well.  He is the easiest dog to have around.  He can sit and wait for his dinner, staying out from under foot in the kitchen if you ask him to. He wants to please and listens so well which makes him a joy to care for.

Jethro is a snuggler – he loves to be close and will happily curl into your lap and cuddle for hours.  He just loves affection and wants to be near his people.  He also loves treats and food and needs a food toy or slow eating bowl to help him slow down.

Jethro gets so excited to go for a walk – he is learning to walk nicely on a leash and just loves to follow his nose everywhere he goes.  We are happy to say that he has finished his house training and is now learning to ride well in the car.  Jethro likes all the dogs he has met so far and also the kids in the park that come to say hello. He plays well with other dogs and would enjoy a home with a companion or lots of play dates with a buddy or two.  He is likely a bit too rambunctious for a home with small children who could get knocked over by accident.

Jethro does not bark or bite, does not jump up, does not destroy anything but stuffy toys. He does need some time to adjust to new circumstances as he forgets himself at times when things are new and exciting but he calms down after a few minutes and he is just fine.

He does well when left alone at home as long as he is not locked up.  He does not do well locked in a kennel and left behind – it’s way too scary and he panics.  However, he sleeps quietly in his kennel for the whole night as long as he is with you in the bedroom.

“Jethro needs a home that can offer him kindness, consistency and love along with a regular routine and exercise a few times a day.  Living with someone who is mostly at home is likely best for his success. He is a wonderful little dog.”  (foster family)

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