Profile Information/Tell us more about this pet My name is Luigi and I am too friendly for my own good. I enjoy pets, cuddling, and making way too much noise when I am being ignored.

I am looking for a forever home where I can ideally monopolize all of your time to myself instead of sharing it with others, but am open to maybe sharing with another, smaller cat. I hear there are other furry animals called dogs, but have never met one and dont know how I feel about them.

I hear humans can have smaller versions of themselves called “kids”, but i don’t have much experience with them either, though I think that if they are like the big version, I will get along just fine with them.

I have been moved around a lot in a short period of time and really would enjoy some stability in my life and a solid forever home.

Adoption Fee is $100

Pets location (City) PetValu Didsbury – Come visit me anytime!
Cat’s Name Luigi
Breed Guess Domestic Short-haired – Orange Tabby
Health? Neutered
2 years 2 years
Approximate Weight Adult Size/Done Growing
Energy Level? Enjoys playing with toys
Moderately Active
Calm and mild mannered
Easily Settles, relaxes
Socialization Sweet and social
How does this animal behave around men? Loves men
How does this animal behave around women? Loves women
How does this animal behave around children? Check all that apply: No Exposure. Temperament suggests he would be fine with kids
How does this animal behave around dogs? Check all that apply: Has not been around dogs – probably fine over time.
This animal has been introduced to: Check all that apply: Small animals-Did great
How does this animal behave around other animals? Check all that apply: Check all that apply Prefers to observe first and will join in when comfortable
No sense of personal space, just gallops up to the other animal and expects the other animal to be fine with that
Mainly curious towards other cats. No major hostility
How does this cat behave around HUMANS and high value food, treats or toys? Check all that apply: Lets you take it.
Seems very carefree and unconcerned about holding onto food or toys.
Eats like his life depends on it though lol
How does this animal behave around cats? Yes, has lived with cats
Feeding Requirements? No special requirements
Leash/Collar training? Not collar or leash trained
Being left alone? Does OK loose
Shows anxiety
Needs someone who is mostly home
House training? Litter trained
Car rides? Needs to be in crate
Hates carrier.
Nail trimming? We haven’t tried to trim nails yet
Any additional comments regarding temperament that haven’t been covered by the questions above? Incredibly friendly and somewhat clumsy. Classic “teenager” syndrome where he doesn’t seem to fully understand all of his limbs and just flops down for attention wherever. Loves pets and cuddling.

11/10 for friendly/cuddle

Slower integration with other resident cats will be key.

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