Name: Mia                                                        Gender: F
Breed: Looks like a Papillion                          Size: Small
Age: Apprx. 5 years                                          Location: Calgary

Note: Mia was rescued in partnership with Saving Harbin Dogs.
Please view that page for more information about adoption and fees.

Mia’s back story:  While we do not know the specific story behind Mia being saved from the meat trade, we do know that her life was no doubt full of suffering and sadness. If she had not been rescued, her life would have ended very badly.  Second chance has a whole new meaning for a dog rescued from a life of abject loneliness, cruel treatment, and certain painful death. When you look in her eyes you may still see some anxiety but you will also see an overwhelming desire to be safe, to be loved.  Mia is now in the midst of a transformation.  As she gains confidence and her true personality comes out, she becomes more of her real self every day.

Mia now:  An extremely gentle, loving, and sweet dog, Mia’s disposition is typically calm.  She adores tummy rubs and cuddles.  She’s a quiet and easy dog who loves to be active and stimulated.  She is leash trained, and enjoys going on walks.  After walks, Mia likes time to relax by rolling on her bed or chewing on her blanket.  Her foster family says she will sometimes bark at noises outside their apartment door but they are helping her with this anxiety and seeing improvements daily.  She loves company and enjoys learning new things – recently to sit and shake a paw. She also loves puzzles and playing games – one of her favourites is hide and seek.

Mia is fully house trained, and has not had any accidents inside the house.  She has been left alone for short periods and seemed to be fine.  When it comes to food, she enjoys a mixture of kibble and wet food.

Mia can be quite unpredictable around other dogs.  Sometime she is fine and other times she will bark and lunge at dogs near her.  She may be experiencing barrier frustration – this is slowly improving but will need some work.  Her foster family are implementing ‘dog-watching’ into their riverside walks – sitting on a bench, and just watching other dogs go by.

Overall, she is a joy. “Mia would be great for a fairly quiet but active household.” (foster parents)


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