Miss Ruby Roo

Pets location (City) Calgary,strathmore,cluny,airdrie
Dog’s Name Ruby
Breed Guess Labrador
Health? Spayed
Approximate age 6 months to 1 year
Approximate Weight 50lb + and growing
Energy Level? Enjoys playing with toys
High Energy-Requires long walks, dedicated to regular activity
Easily Settles, relaxes
Socialization Sweet and social
How does this animal behave around men? Has shown fear at the vet bit not with other men, comes around quickly with yummy treats
How does this animal behave around women? Loves women
How does this animal behave around children under 10 years old? Check all that apply: Loves kids
How does this animal behave around dogs? Check all that apply: Yes, has lived with dogs
Very social with other dogs
Enjoys playing with other dogs
Medium to large breed recomended
This animal has been introduced to: Check all that apply: Small Animals-Not recommended
Livestock-Did great
High prey drive
Suited for farm/acreage
Has high chase interest in cats, wild birds, and farm foul. Did well with a temporary visit with a caged parrot.  Has met horses and approached swiftly but was easily redirected
How does this animal behave around strange dogs or other animals? Check all that apply: Check all that aply Prefers to observe first and will join in when comfortable
Greets appropriately (nose to tail sniffing)
Enjoys playing with other dogs
Lives to play and wrestling with all of her dog buddies and greats new dogs with very puppy like behaviour. Ruby prefers no rudeness and we recommend larger breed dogs for safety. Some little guys are a but too much fun to chase. But she has met and will behave in a controlled setting with small breed dogs
DOGS: How does this dog behave around OTHER DOGS and high value food, treats or toys? Check all that apply: Posture is relaxed, no muscles tensed.
Seems very carefree and unconcerned about holding onto food or toys when other dogs are around.
She is generally very happy to engage and share toys. Bit occasionally can feel more possessive over certain items.She can be uncomfortable when certain dogs pass her crate but we have not seen carry over. I feed my dogs individually so she has not been fed with another dog present
DOGS: How does this dog behave around HUMANS and high value food, treats or toys? Check all that apply: Lets you take it.
She has shown no resource gairding with people, however she is still learning and I would not allow children to interact with her food or toys without adult supervision and time spent in the home getting to know everyone
How does this animal behave around cats? Not appropriate to live with a cat
Feeding Requirements? Puzzle bowl/food dispensing toy recommended
Recommend seperate feeding space for the time being until she adjusts to her new home . She had to soend alot of time in crate in recovery,  ut would be unfair to expect her to know how to share right off the bat
Leash/Collar training? Already wearing a collar and used to it
Seems very well leash trained, walks nicely on leash.
Ruby is one of my favourite walking buddies ever! She is respectful on the leash, whether it is loose leash walking at heel, or sniffing and exploring she is polite focused and engaged with her handler.
Being left alone? Is very well crate trained. Due to her recovery ruby has just started to build more independence in the home, I would recommend she continues to be crated if unsupervised so she can maintain her flawless record while she adjusts
House training? Working on it and doing great for a puppy his/her age
Crate trained
Can hold it overnight
Ruby has been incredible all during recovery and after holding her potty in her crate.  She will only fuss if she has to go really bad. Ruby has shown no issues in the house so far, however she needs time to adjust as the last 5 weeks were spent in recovery
Fences? Needs a fence 6 feet high
Car rides? Loves the car, rides great. Sits in back seat
Nail trimming? Does well, but wiggly
Any additional comments regarding temperament that haven’t been covered by the questions above? Ruby is a spectacular social well behaved puppy. She does show some genetic traits that make her unsuitable for a very green dog owner, and she will do best in an active home who can engage her and use her amazing traits to their fullest
Ruby has a very strong chase drive which makes her unsuitable for homes with small prey animals , and we would caution against small breed dogs .this drive also makes her very trainable,  and she will excel with an active family or sport home
Profile Information Ruby is in the house! Look at this beautiful girl! This little red heads bright smile and incredible personality will get you stopped on the street, and fill your home with joy and love for years to come.
Ruby has fit almost seamlessly in with the humans ( 15+ years old) and dogs ( 7 others currently!)
She is respectful of her seniors but loves to get down and play with the other puppies her age!
Ruby loves playing fetch, going for long walks, wrestling with her buddies , and using her nose to explore.
She learns very quickly and creates a strong bond with her handler. She is always found dutifully walking at my side and ignoring her buddies if I am in the yard. ( 1/2 acre)Ruby is very well crate trained and has been a joy to have in our home. She is not a typical lab when it comes to food , and eats at a reasonable speed.
She loves playing treat games and solving puzzles for food.
Ruby has wonderful drive and stamina and would love to be on a home with someone who is active and enjoys long  and engaging activities , or even wants to dabble in dog sports.  She has an incredible nose , and loves working for food and toys.
Ruby knows her name, sit ,come, kennel, find it.

She is my favourite walking buddy, she loves to hang with her person and just enjoy the sights and smells around her.

Ruby has been in recovery for a leg injury that has had her out if commission for 5 weeks.
Due to this we are just starting to expand her environmental awareness with city walks and greetings as well as increased loose time in home . She is such a smart cookie none of this will be a set back and she should adjust to knew home life and rules very quickly.

Ruby has one teeny weeny not even a flaw if ya love her.
She reeeeally wants to chase small animals. We work very hard with training and she is easy to redirect. But for the safety of all  small furry friends we do not recommend cats or small animals at this time. We have had one instance where Ruby met a new small breed dog friend , and they had a bit of a misunderstanding when the dog friend played like a bunny and took off running all over. No animal was harmed, but for the safety of the littles we would prefer to see her with dogs over 30 lbs

Ruby’s perfect owner will be someone who loves to explore,  teach new skills and tricks , has good dog sense , a good amount of energy and a big heart and sense of humor. She would love to do fun dog sports or just explore the world with her number one human. This little lady forms an incredible bond with her handler and is truly a joy to work with and be around. The best part? She is still a puppy which means you have a whole lifetime of love!

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