Name: Mitch                                                         Gender: M
Breed: Chihuahua mix                                         Size: Small
Age: Apprx. 3 years                                              Location: Calgary

Note: Mitch was rescued in partnership with Saving Harbin Dogs.
Please view that page for more information about adoption and fees.

Mitch’s back story:  While we do not know the specific story behind Mitch being saved from the meat trade, we do know that he is a fortunate survivor of distemper.  His life was full of sickness and suffering. If he had not been rescued, his life would have ended very badly.  Second chance has a whole new meaning for a dog rescued from a life of abject loneliness, cruel treatment, and certain painful death. When you look in his eyes you may still see some anxiety but you will also see an overwhelming desire to be safe, to be loved.  Mitch is now in the midst of a transformation.  As he gains confidence and his true personality comes out, he becomes more of his real self every day.

Mitch now:  Around the home, this sweet boy is quiet, well-mannered, and friendly. He is also wonderfully house-trained.  Mitch is fairly self-confident, and if there is something about which he’s unsure, he will politely ask to be on a lap or carried until reassured. Mitch is just as confident outside.  Walks are amazing.   He is a quick learner and already knows his name, Sit Come Down and is learning Quiet.

Mitch enjoys the company of dogs, and often initiates hilarious bouts of wrestling with his foster buddy Neo.  His foster home has two other medium dogs, and he is totally comfortable with them. He would likely thrive with a friend. Mitch has excellent ‘cat-manners’ so he should be fine with feline friends with a proper introduction.

Mitch definitely enjoys the company of people.  While he tolerates rowdy kids playing, his preference seems to be a quieter home with older or just-visiting children.  Mitch stays in an exercise pen with Neo when the family is not at home and he seems content. When first introduced to a new setting, he would need supervision to guide him as to what can and cannot be chewed as he occasionally tries to nibble items out of curiosity, but he’s easily redirected with a chew treat or toy.

“We call him Darling Mitch.  Honestly, anyone who invites Mitch into their lives will be blessed with a truly loving family member!” (foster family)


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