Mitch is vaccinated, neutered, dewormed, and microchipped. His adoption fee is $595

Pets location (City) Calgary
Dog’s Name Mitchell
Breed Guess Husky poodle cross
Health? Neutered
Approximate age 6 months to 1 year
Approximate Weight 45 lb-65 lb
Energy Level? Enjoys playing with toys
Moderately Active-Requires a good daily walk
Mitchell is a baby still he enjoys rambunctious play, fetch, or a good walk for 30 min twice a day and is happy to relax and chew a stick or bone after
Socialization A little shy but warms up when you’re nice
How does this animal behave around men? Curious but unsure with new people, warms up quickly . Loves all of the people in our home
How does this animal behave around women? Same as for men.
How does this animal behave around children? Check all that apply: Too energetic or rough for young children
Mitchell is very friendly and for the most part gentle with adults who set boundaries. He may be too much for small children as he still occasionally mouths when he is feeling affectionate or excited. We would recommend children 10 and over, for Mitchell’s safety, so he stays in the best home
How does this animal behave around dogs? Check all that apply: Very social with other dogs
Mitchell LOVES dogs, he may be overwhelming for senior dogs or very small dogs as he plays very boisterous and occasionally struggles with his excitement ( if too over stimulated without guidance will mount in play. And skin grab. ) he is very dog neutral and evwn whwn he received quite an intense correction from a household dog he simply shook it off and continued to play as his affable self. He lives with 8 other dogs from 4 mths to 11 years old , varying from 4lbs to 75 lbs. I closely monitor interactions with my small breeds simply due to his exuberance in play , for the small dogs safety. I would suggest medium to large breed friends.
This animal has been introduced to: Check all that apply: Suited for farm/acreage
Mitchell has had exposure to quail, horses, ponies, dogs and cats. Mitchell shows enough interest with small animals that at this time I would not leave him unleashed around them. But over all his interest at this time is mild to moderate and with support I believe he could continue to live happily in a farm situation due to his overall relaxed demeanor
How does this animal behave around strange dogs or other animals? Check all that apply: Check all that aply Runs up to them to play
Mitchell has met 8 dogs on our property and another small breed dog while with another foster
DOGS: How does this dog behave around OTHER DOGS and high value food, treats or toys? Check all that apply: Lets the other dog take it.
Mitchell has met a total of 9 dogs varying in size age and breed. He is a very happy boisterous puppy who is overall dog neutral but still needs a little support with curving and manners so he does not get himself into trouble
DOGS: How does this dog behave around HUMANS and high value food, treats or toys? Check all that apply: Lets you take it.
Posture is relaxed, no muscles tensed.
Seems very carefree and unconcerned about holding onto food or toys.
How does this animal behave around cats? Mitchell has lived with cats in home at a previous foster, and around home at his current foster. Mitchell believes cats are like dogs and can be played with any which way, so at this time we would recommend no cats in home ,so Mitchell has the best chance at a safe and happy life.
Feeding Requirements? No special requirements
Mitchell is fed in his crate , due to the numbers in my house . I do not belive this is necessary in his new home, but I like it as a practice to reinforce positive kennel time
Leash/Collar training? Already wearing a collar and used to it
Learning about walks and loving it
Pulls a little on leash
Working on developing better skills on leash
Mitchell LOVES walkies. He does enjoy being the group leader and is very neutral on our walks , however we have not had as much city exposure lately. Mitchell will put forward leash pressure,  but i find him easy to manage and due to his neutrality with his environment i find no issue having Mitchy led walkies.l
Being left alone? Mitchell is fully crate trained and does wonderful when left alone. He has not been left loose in my house for his safety ( I have one grump who is not a fan) and due to him being a very curious puppy. He will occasionally sing the song of his people . But left with an appropriate chew and some music he does very well
House training? Crate trained
Can hold it overnight
Mitchell will run to his kennel for dinner and bedtime. He does well loose in the house, but is very curious and will see what he can get away with. I find he needs moderate guidance to be appropriate and is happy to lay down with you and chew on a toy. Believe he could quickly be weaned off crating with appropriate guidance and support
Fences? Needs a fence at least 4 feet high
Car rides? Needs help to get into car but likes to ride
Nail trimming? Does great
He will get distracted and try to leave because he is a baby. But if you hold on gently and have cookies he flops over and you can do all 4 feet while lays there
Profile Information Meet Mitchell,  or as we call him Mitchy! The silliest most affable little man you ever could meet.
Mitchell has had a bit of a slow start getting adopted due to circumstances out of his control, and he is soooooo ready for his new family!
Mitchell can’t wait to show you all the best spots for sniffies, collect the coolest sticks, play silly ball games and be your very best bud. Mitchell would love to have a social big dog he can grow with or an older kid to show him all the fun new games.

Mitchell loves learning , and has the cutest silliest personality.  He will happily prance along for treats and has practiced going over things, under things , through things. He knows sit with confidence and is getting stronger daily with down. Mitchell has very good recall on our enclosed acre yard at home . Mitchell loves to sass as he learns and will have the best discussions with you over how he thinks things should go.
He tried weave poles and small jumps and was very excited to participate,  until he gets tired , and then he will just lay down for a nap.
Mitchell has missed some enrichment as a young puppy , and likes to assess new situations.  He may be reluctant to move forward at first, but with confident support and awesome cookies he recovers quickly and gets right back to being his funny neutral self.

All in all this puppy is a ham. He is quirky and hilarious with a huge personality to boot.
He loves his people,  he loves playing with dogs and chewing sticks and singing songs. He can be vocal but is not a menace, and may give little love mouths ( open mouth booty boops are his fave) but with minor support is not dangerous or harmful.  Mitchell so desperately wants a home with a family and maybe even friends that he can snuggle and explore with, and just start living his life.
We think he would make just the best little hiking or walking buddy , and will even be willing to try fun little dog classes with some obedience or agility games.

He has moderate grooming needs , at this time he is a low to moderate shedder, and will just need occasional brushing and bathing to keep his coat shiny and clean.

We can’t wait to introduce him to his new family and see him off on his greatest adventure yet…a HOME.
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