Murphy’s adoption fee is $495


Dog’s Name Alberta
Breed Cockapoo
Color(s) Black
Health? Spayed/Neutered
Healthy/appears healthy
recent dental
Approximate age 6-7 years old
Approximate Weight current weight 17.6 kg
Socialization Used to be VERY shy but he has been getting better as we socialize him with both people and dogs
How does this animal behave around men? A little bit shy/scared of men
He’s shy of all people but once he warms up he is a snuggler
How does this animal behave around women? A little bit shy/scared of women
He’s shy of all people but once he warms up he is a snuggler
How does this animal behave around children under 10 years old? No kid home. We do not recommend him for a home with children under 16.
How does this animal behave around strange animals? He gets excited when he sees another animal, he will make noise and dance about but is very shy to actually let them sniff him. He will move away on his own if hes not interested in interacting but always seems very excited until he gets close to the other dog
DOGS: How does this dog behave around other dogs and high value food, treats or toys? Check all that apply: Lets the other dog take it.
Head goes down over the food/toy as other dog approaches.
Gobbles the food faster.
He lets my dog take his toys no problem but guards a bit around food.Murphy would prefer a home with no other pets.
How does this animal behave around cats? Not tested around cats, no cats here to test with
Leash/Collar training? Already wearing a collar and used to it
Pulls a little on leash
Housebreaking training? Solidly housebroken, will bark or pace or scratch door to go outside
Can hold it overnight even if not crated
Fences? Needs a fence at least 4 feet high
Car rides? Loves the car, rides great. Sits in back seat
Jumps right in
Nail trimming? He does not have a good history with nails trims. He needed medication for his last trim from the vet. He really does not like getting his feet handled but is slowly warming up as we work on it,
Any additional comments regarding temperament that haven’t been covered by the questions above? He is very sweet once he gets comfortable. He loves cuddling. He is very eager for attention.

It takes him a bit of time for him to get comfortable. He does not like head pats from people he does not know. Murphy needs people who will protect and support him. He has struggled in the past with being handled, especially with new people. He is a very friendly dog who likes to be around people, but in his own space and on his terms. He’s not the guy who needs to befriend everyone around and finds security in his familiar people. He is super smart and tries really hard to please. He will eagerly work for food and loves showing off his tricks. A car ride and a nice stroll make him very happy.

He was surrendered because his previous owners were not able to handle his anxiety around grooming and nails trims. He may need medical help for grooming and nails trims for the rest of his life, but he was recently groomed and had his nails done and was improved over the last time.

He has been around kids and does like them but gets overwhelmed easily so he would likely do better in a home with older kids or no kids. He needs people who understand very clearly when to let him have some space.

He does not love living with another dog. My large dog and him get along ok, they tolerate each other… and my dog would happily be his friend but Murphy is not interested. And he gets a bit vocal and annoyed when Diesel tries to play with him.

Profile Information Murphy is incredibly sweet once he has bonded with you. He will snuggle all day long if you let him. He loves to lay on the couch beside you and sleep at the foot of your bed.

He is very smart and has so much fun doing tricks. He can do: Sit, Sit up pretty, rollover, play dead, shake a paw.
He would happily learn more.

He is a very hungry boy and will eat anything that even looks like food. He loves treats and dinner time. He will attempt to beg if you let him but will leave you to your meal if you tell him to.

He loves his walks and will walk beside you if you tell him to, otherwise he will run ahead and pull on his leash. He will walk as often as you will let him and he will walk for a very long time.

He likes to watch out the window and bark at birds and squirrels. He is not the quietest boy but also does not bark incessantly. He is very vocal in expressing his dislikes. He is also very vocal in play. It can be hard to tell which is which at the beginning of a relationship with him.

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