Norah is a loving snugglebug with a lot of spunk. She loves to play fetch and wrestle with our dog. She can be a bit mouthy and want to play, but is quickly learning to listen when told no or re-directed with an appropriate toy. She will snuggle with you all day but is working on being separated – she will follow you everywhere once you’re bonded and tends to whine briefly if separated.

She loves scratches and attention but can be a bit pushy and invasive of personal space – she is doing really well listening when told ‘no’ and to go lay down. She can be left alone through the day, but still has some puppy chewing tendencies (she seems to like plastic…).

She is working on being patient and waiting to eat her food and how to be comfortable on a leash – She can be a little hesitant about getting her harness on and being leashed but once we’re out she is amazing. She is very easy to walk, occasionally nervous but a little redirection can get her going again. Norah is a girl who needs someone to help with her confidence.

She is house-trained and will whine and stand by the door to go out. However, if her tummy is very upset, sometimes she has trouble getting outside in time. Her current medications are working well and this has not been an issue for some time (Yay Norah!).

She has been great with our kids (4 and 1.5) as they learn to be gentle and respectful, and will take herself away from a situation that makes her uncomfortable.

She has not met a cat or other small animals and it is unknown how she’d be. She appears she may be dog-selective and has met a couple dogs she does not like, but is great with another dog when she does like them.

She LOVES food, and is very responsive to treats for training, but does need her special hypoallergenic diet. She is on steroids every evening and they are working wonders for her tummy. Once a week she gets a B12 injection (but only for 3 more weeks). This can be done at home if you’re comfortable with it. She is just an absolute sweetheart and a bit of a goofball. If you’re often cold, she’ll be perfect for you! She spreads across you like a blanket to get some love. She is learning her manners, but is quick to pick things up, and will do well with consistency and leadership.

A note from our medical team: Norah has a immune-mediated medical condition called Eosinophilic Gastroenteritis that causes inflammation in the stomach and the intestines, which can cause weight loss from malabsorption, as well as vomiting and diarrhea. It is also known as IBD.  Currently, she is being managed by a special hypoallergenic diet to help with her gastrointestinal inflammation, Vitamin B12 injections to help with absorption and a medication called prednisone which also helps with inflammation.  This medical condition is life long, but can usually be managed solely on a special diet.

Norah’s estimated DOB is April 2018

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