Name: Serena                                                    Gender: F
Breed: Chihauhau mix                                     Size: Small
Age: 3 – 4 years old                                           Location: Calgary

Note: Serena was rescued in partnership with Saving Harbin Dogs.
Please view that page for more information about adoption and fees.

Serena’s back story:  While we do not know the specific story behind Serena being saved from the meat trade, we do know that her life was no doubt full of suffering and sadness. If she had not been rescued, her life would have ended very badly.  Second chance has a whole new meaning for a dog rescued from a life of abject loneliness, cruel treatment, and certain painful death. When you look in her eyes you may still see some anxiety but you will also see an overwhelming desire to be safe, to be loved.  Serena is now in the midst of a transformation.  As she gains confidence and her true personality comes out, she becomes more of her real self every day.

Serena now:  The first thing you hear about Serena is how sweet she is.  The next thing is that she is so much fun to be around.  She is a very good girl, definitely not a drama queen.  She loves others dogs and plays well with them.  Serena also loves to be around humans and will soak up any cuddles she can.  She is very good at going outside. After all she has been through it is amazing that she just wants to play and show her appreciation for her new life.

“The best way to describe her is a total love bug.” (foster care giver)

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