Unknown Mix Puppy



Age: 4-5 months
Cats: unknown
Dogs: yes
Kids: he’s a puppy! He likes kids but potential for mouthing and knocking down small children.
Cars: rides very nicely
Leash: learning manners and confidence , very food motivated!
Potty trained: working very hard! Knows the back door is where to go out, but gets distracted easily.
Kennel trained: going very well! He can be vocal for short periods of time, but sleeps through the night and does well with enrichment items and puppy tunes.
Eating: will resource guard food and water , he is slowly adjusting and getting less worried about where food comes from.

Silly Vasilli is a great little partner and party pal.
He love dogs of all sizes , and is respectful and gentle in play. He will usually play to the level of the dog he is with.
He is curious about small children and excited about older children!
He loves chewing and hanging at your feet.
Vasilli is a low to mid energy puppy who enjoys short walks and mental enrichment . He prefers chilling over high activity and even if he is outside for play tome we usually catch him just laying in the sun. He can be vocal in play sometimes or if left alone on occasion (his choices are sporadic). He was surrendered at a recent spay and neuter clinic as he was unwanted where he was living.

Vasilli is an awesome dog who would be an amazing addition to a family.
Would recommend positive puppy classes to continue to build confidence and support on leash and with food!

Estimated DOB: Feb 2019

Breed: Mixed

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