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Finding the Perfect Pet Can Be Easy, But There’s Lots to Consider!

Rescue Friends Animal Foundation endeavours to connect rescued animals with families that are well suited for one another. It is our responsibility to ensure the connections we make result in the animals living the best life possible. Please consider that we cannot guarantee the health and temperament of any animal in our care as we may not fully know their history.


Adoption Process
Step 1
To adopt, first complete our adoption application form, there are separate forms for cats, dogs, and other animals:

Dog Adoption Form »
Cat Adoption Form »

If you have questions, please contact our adoptions team.

Step 2

Our adoptions team will review and contact you with the status of your application, usually within 48 hours. We will setup an in person or video interview to determine suitability of the placement.

Step 3

Upon approval of your application, the foster family will contact you to meet the animal you wish to adopt. All family members, including any canine companions if you are adopting a dog, must be present at the “meet and greet”.

Step 4

Once you have met the animal you wish to adopt, we encourage you to consider with all members of the household, whether the animal is the right fit for your family and contact us with your decision the following day. However, we allow same day adoptions for cats so please come prepared with your carrier if you wish to complete a same day adoption.

Step 5

You will need to pay your adoption fee before the animal can be released to you. Adoption fees can be paid online.

Adult dogs over 1 year – $495.00
Puppies under 1 year – $595.00
Cats over 6 months – $100.00
Kittens under 6 months – $200.00

Spay/Neuter Policy

All of our animals are spayed or neutered, vaccinated and dewormed prior to adoption. The adoptive family is responsible for continuing care of their new pet.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Why adopt?

Adopting a homeless animal is compassionately choosing to provide a safe and loving forever home for an animal in need. When you adopt, you save the life of that animal and make room for another that can be rescued. Adoption fees cover the expenses of the spay/neuter, deworming and vaccinations. You support a non profit organization which puts the welfare of animals first. Adopting is rewarding and enriches our lives mentally, emotionally and physically.

Why foster?

Fostering provides a loving home for an animal in need. When you foster, you provide a temporary safe haven for a homeless pet until we are able find a forever home. To an animal in need, a foster home is a bridge to a better life. It is the foundation that allows us to save as many lives as possible.

What Is the Difference Between Adopting and Fostering?

Fostering is short term and provides a temporary safe and loving home for a rescued animal until it is adopted. Food, bedding and supplies needed to care for the animal while in a foster home will be provided by the organization. Adopting is long term and provides a permanent safe and loving home for a rescued animal. The adoptive family is responsible for continuing care of their new pet.

How Much Does Adopting Cost?

For information on adoption fees, please contact us at [email protected]