Name: Alyssa                                                                 Gender: F
Breed: ? Cairn Terrier                                                 Size: Small
Age: 1 year                                                                     Location: Calgary

Note: Alyssa was rescued in partnership with Saving Harbin Dogs.
Please view that page for more information about adoption and fees.

Alyssa’s back story:  Alyssa was found abandoned and alone in a filthy dirty and dark stairwell in China.  No doubt her life was full of suffering and sadness and if she had not been rescued, it would have ended very badly.  Second chance has a whole new meaning for a dog rescued from a life of abject loneliness, cruel treatment, and certain painful death. When you look in her eyes you may still see some anxiety but you will also see an overwhelming desire to be safe, to be loved.  Alyssa is now in the midst of a transformation.  As she gains confidence and her true personality comes out, she becomes more of her real self every day.

Alyssa now:  Alyssa is a sweet, loving, low maintenance little gal who is winning everyone’s heart.  She is very curious and smart with a splash of independence and sauciness.  She likes to cuddle but is not overly needy. She will often grace you with a gentle kiss and loves to curl up beside you on the couch.

Obviously, Alyssa is cute.  She is also smart and adventurous.  Aly would do well in a home that is not only loving but also fun.  Someone who is home more often than not would be best for her as she may get into mischief if left alone for the day. Her foster family thinks she would do fine in an apartment because she is a quiet dog except when strangers appear.  She sometimes barks when excited.  House training is a work in progress so pee pads are still necessary.  She hasn’t learned to ask to go out yet but once you understand her signals, she is happy to go outside.

She walks well on leash and doesn’t pull.   She likes to collect her toys and take them to her bed but shows no signs of possessiveness.   She is crazy about treats which helps her to learn new things and now she is starting to initiate play.

She can be a bit of an escape artist and has been known to climb out of xpens or chain link fences – a secured and unclimbable fence is required. She is a Curious George and will surf coffee tables looking for interesting items to play with or chew.  Alyssa is still very much a puppy and needs to be kept busy with appropriate toys and chews while she learns the rules of the house.

Aly is gaining confidence every day and once comfortable in a situation is very outgoing.  She would probably do better with older children who can give her space to approach when she is ready.  She likes other dogs and is learning to play with the other canine residents in her foster home. She would do well with another dog of similar size for company and confidence building.  She has been cat tested and showed little interest.  Aly sleeps with her foster parents curled up at the end of the bed.  She will also sleep in her crate if preferred, but just wants to be in the same room with her people.

“We adore this little sweetheart and think anyone who meets her will too.  She is a delight and very deserving of a loving family to call her own.  We love her to bits.” (foster mom)

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