Patricio is neutered, vaccinated, microchipped, and dewormed. His adoption fee is $495

Pets location (City) Calgary
Dog’s Name Patricio
Breed Guess Rat terrier x
Health? Neutered
Healthy/appears healthy
Approximate age 1 year to 3 years
Approximate Weight 25lbs
Energy Level? Enjoys playing with toys
Moderately active – Patricio loves being outside, and enjoys 2-3 walks per day. He would make a great running companion as he has a cheerful, young dog energy
Socialization With a calm, respectful introduction, he soon warms up; he is anxious with new people and unknown dogs
How does this animal behave around men? Enjoys the company of men
How does this animal behave around women? Enjoys the company of women
How does this animal behave around children? Check all that apply: Not recommended for children: Cannot be adopted to a home with anyone under 18
How does this animal behave around dogs? Check all that apply: Patricio has really progressed with steady, positive behavioural guidance for confidence-building and dog socialization. He is good in controlled (backyard) off-leash situations with his dog friends, and would benefit from having a calm and confident canine companion in his forever home.
This animal has been introduced to: Check all that apply: High prey drive
Typically terrier!
How does this animal behave around strange dogs or other animals? Check all that apply: Check all that aply Interactions with new dogs need to be supervised. He is leash-reactive but has been improving with positive behavioural guidance. His adopter would need to continue his training in this area.
DOGS: How does this dog behave around OTHER DOGS and high value food, treats or toys? Check all that apply: is improving as he gains confidence that there is abundance in his world; ideally, his high-value treats would be fed to him separately since he has shown resource-guarding behaviours
DOGS: How does this dog behave around HUMANS and high value food, treats or toys? Check all that apply: Posture is relaxed, no muscles tensed.
How does this animal behave around cats? Not appropriate to live with a cat
Feeding Requirements? Puzzle bowl/food dispensing toy recommended
Special Diet
Patricio does best with a skin & coat care diet
Leash/Collar training? Already wearing a collar and used to it
Seems very well leash trained, walks nicely on leash.
Reactive to other dogs on leash
Being left alone? Does OK loose
Needs someone who is mostly home
Patricio requires a mid-day walk (e.g., dog-walker)
House training? Solidly housebroken, will bark or pace or scratch door to go outside
Can hold it overnight
Fences? Needs a fence 6 feet high
Car rides? Loves the car, rides great. Sits in back seat
Nail trimming? Does great
Profile Information Loyal Patricio bonds very strongly with his humans! He is very affectionate, lives for cuddles, and loves being as close as he possibly can to his people. He truly believes he is the perfect lap dog.

Patricio also loves outdoor activities – anything from playing fetch with his favourite toy fox to going on walks, hikes and runs with his foster mom. After his long walks, Patricio enjoys sunbathing by the window and belly rubs. He endearingly demonstrates his excitement with the cutest bum wiggles!

Patricio is crate trained for short periods but does well outside the crate when left alone, too, especially if he has his puzzle toys and his Kong filled with tasty treats.

Because Patricio still exhibits anxiety in certain circumstances, his adoptive family will need to be committed to continuing with his positive behavioural training, including socialization, so he can continue to make progress and build up his confidence. This is a condition of his adoption, so that both he and his adoptive family will be set up for success. He is a very quick learner, and loves to please so Patricio is sure to thrive with the appropriate support.

Patricio’s perfect home would be with adults who are home more than not, potentially someone working from home or with community support to offer Patricio companionship and exercise. Most importantly, though, he would love a family who will welcome a dog as fun, snuggly, devoted and handsome as this fellow!

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