Profile Information/Tell us more about this pet Hi everyone!

I am the Fabulous Freddy and I am so excited to tell you all about me!

My sister (Scarlett)  and I were tiny, scared kittens when we were taken in. Fortunately, Rescue Friends found space and welcomed us into their family in August.

I am now a happy, healthy, and strong little kitten who is growing like a weed! And, I have the shiniest black fur of all black kittens…anywhere…in the WORLD!  Well, that’s what my foster mom says 🙂 She calls me her enthusiastic little house panther buddy and just LOVES my giant personality.

I recently moved in with my new foster family so that I could get even MORE attention and snuggles if that is even possible! Now that I am used to my new digs, I’m having an absolute blast here; I especially adore their ancient dog – I  follow her around, try to sleep with her, and head boop her when she isn’t looking lol. I take time and observe my situation – I don’t rush in but once I’m comfy, I’m VERY comfy 🙂

My purr rumbles the house, especially after loads of fun (you know – like attacking my cardboard box, chasing my toys, watching squirrels and birds through the window, and stalking the little ol’ dog while I try and convince her to play). The people here tell me I crack them up with my antics! I especially love to purr when I settle in to have loooong and frequent naps), and when I can curl up next to my people. Or when I eat. I purr when I eat…I love eating. My foster mom has LOADS of videos if you want to see me in action.

And so – if you think I could be a purrfect fit for you, let’s meet! I could be the only furry family member if you are someone who will play and spend time with me. I would also really enjoy the company of cats, dogs, and kind and gentle kids (with a slow and proper introduction of course).

I sure hope to see you soon!
Your future best buddy,

Pets location (City) Calgary
Cat’s Name Freddy
Breed Guess Domestic Medium Hair
Health? Neutered
Approximate age Under 6 months
Approximate Weight Kitten, still growing
Energy Level? Enjoys playing with toys
Moderately Active
Easily Settles, relaxes
Socialization Sweet and social
How does this animal behave around men? Loves men
How does this animal behave around women? Loves women
How does this animal behave around children? Check all that apply: Not sure but would need calm children who are gentle
How does this animal behave around dogs? Check all that apply: Yes, has lived with dogs
Very social with dogs
Can be around  dogs with management and proper introductions
This animal has been introduced to: Check all that apply: Only lived with cats and dogs since being with Rescue Friends – not sure about before he was at CAS
How does this animal behave around other animals? Check all that apply: Check all that apply Prefers to observe first and will join in when comfortable
Greets appropriately
Seems to love small dogs in both foster homes! Can definitely be around bigger dogs who are kind to cats, with management and proper introductions.
How does this cat behave around HUMANS and high value food, treats or toys? Check all that apply: Lets you take it.
How does this animal behave around cats? Loves the cats in his foster home with proper introductions
Feeding Requirements? Kitten wet food and kibble for the first year
Leash/Collar training? Not collar or leash trained
Being left alone? Still young and learning so best to start out in a small room – is using his scratch pads well 🙂
House training? Litter trained
Car rides? Needs to be in crate
Nail trimming? We haven’t tried to trim nails yet
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